“Gente Coyol” is an action plan with programs that will guide us to achieve our vision of being an extraordinary and aspirational place to work.

Complementary Services

Food Services, Convenience Store, Bank Services and Other.

  • Bac Credomatic
  • Bahía Urbana
  • Via Pasta
  • Centro de Capacitación

Exclusive Transportation

The park offers several pick-up and drop-off routes, with a full time supervisor responsible for maintaining the condition of the buses and complying with scheduled routes and security standards.

Recruiting Projects

CFZ is aware of the permanent need to recruit qualified operational staff. In order to achieve this goal Value Added Platform Department continues developing strong recruiting projects and customized training programs to support resident companies.

Sports and Wellness

CFZ offers sports and wellness programs to encourage employees to improve their well-being by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Social Responsibility

By several Social Responsibility programs, CFZ provides support to communities near by the zone, and promotes environmentally responsible programs in order to reduce the impact.

Plaza Coyol is the place of convenience in Coyol, to enjoy and try everything in one place! An open space for ALL!


Clásica Coyol Free Zone 2017

Edición 10 Aniversario

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