Coyol Free Zone lives daily with a commitment to sustainability, and 2018 is the best example of it.

Last month, our gardening team planted 100 new native trees, that year after year we bring to the international business park to continue increasing air quality and scenic beauty.

With these trees, we reached 1200 native species planted as part of the internal reforestation program.

We brought 100 species of “Lorito, Roble Sabana, Tucuico, Pitanga, Calistemo, Acerola, Dama, Guayabita del Perú, Vainillo and Manzanita”, a wide variety that continues adding color to our park.

The heights of the trees planted range from 1.80 to 2.5 meters.

The plantings were made on the sidewalks of Avenue 1 and in the common green areas next to Smith & Nephew.

In addition, we continue preserving 15 native species of more than 300 years in the park, which further strengthens our commitment to sustainability, protecting 13% of the land reserved for conservation within Coyol Free Zone.