Since its creation, Coyol Free Zone has been characterized by its high environmental, social and economic commitment, constantly innovating in the pursuit of the benefit of its stakeholders.

That is why it develops different initiatives framed in its Sustainability Strategy as a fundamental and transversal cornerstone in all the organization, generating positive impact for employees, suppliers, companies, the community and the country in general.



We seek to develop our business activity in balance with the protection of the environment, implementing initiatives and projects to reduce the environmental impact, both in the construction processes and in the operation and maintenance of the facilities.

92.230 kWh of energy generated by solar panels.

1,300 m3 of wastewater managed per day at the treatment plant.

+2000 trees planted for conservation processes.

100% of solid construction waste is separated or adequately treated.

19.73% of the total area of the Free Trade Zone is LEED certified.


Our goal is to contribute to the social improvement of the surrounding communities and the country as a whole, through actions focused on employment, education, support to civil society, and community management. Our objective is to be a strategic ally of social progress.

+25 000 jobs created by companies in Coyol Free Zone.

+5000 people trained in various training programs for employability.

+14 000 users benefited from electronic payment in transportation services.

+10 educational alliances for employee and community training.

Community outreach through donations, training and creation of jobs.


We contribute to the economic benefit of our stakeholders by attracting investment, productive linkages, exports, and innovation. We are a bridge of commercial and economic development for the country.

US$2,088 million in medical device exports by companies (+2.67% GDP).

+31 medical device manufacturing and exporting companies.

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment for the country

International awards by FDI Magazine, The European and Site Selection.

Innovation and continuous improvement.


Coyol Free Zone seeks, through the presentation of its Annual Sustainability Report, to present to its stakeholders the environmental, social and economic results of its management and daily activities in a transparent manner. Learn more about the results of our work:

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