Those interested in registering for CODE Development Group’s new employment exchange can access the link:

February 2024. CODE Development Group, a 100% Costa Rican-owned company, and the developer of Coyol Free Zone and Evolution Free Zone, opened its new employment exchange for those who are looking for a quality job opportunity.

The new employment exchange of CODE is free, secure and can be accessed from any electronic device, whether it is a phone, computer or tablet. In addition, the information received is 100% confidential.

This new employment exchange is a valuable platform to facilitate the effective meeting of companies offering job opportunities and people seeking employment in these free trade zones and in CODE Development Group. Jobs will be offered on this platform, while people can apply for vacant positions, internships or professional practices.

In turn, the new employment exchange will absorb the existing Gente Coyol platform, which currently has more than 196,000 active users aspiring to find quality employment in the companies of the parks developed by CODE Development Group. Those who are already registered with the Gente Coyol employment exchange do not need to register on the new platform, as they can rest assured that their information has been securely safeguarded.

Carlos Wong, Managing Director of CODE Development Group, affirms that this initiative is intended to ensure that both Coyol Free Zone and Evolution Free Zone continue to be dynamic business parks that generate social progress, as well as welfare and new opportunities for the communities in which they operate.

These are some of the benefits offered by this modern platform:

  • 100% development tailored to the needs of the Life Sciences and Smart Manufacturing industry.
  • Platform in constant evolution, able to adapt to new requirements and market needs.
  • The software is developed using best practices.
  • Hosted in secure environments.
  • It has constant systems of replication, security, monitoring and backup of the databases.
  • It is responsive and easy to use for end users.
  • It comprehensively serves the needs of the industry by offering not only job opportunities but also internships, articles and information of interest.
  • Interested persons also have the possibility of taking the Manufacturing Operator course, which is free and asynchronous, and allows applicants to learn in detail about the Life Sciences industry.

The Life Sciences sector has become a key pillar of Costa Rica’s economy, and during the first ten months of 2023 achieved exports in excess of US$6 billion.

About CODE Development Group

CODE Development Group is a 100% Costa Rican owned company engaged in the development, management and operation of real estate projects under the Free Zone Regime, such as Coyol Free Zone and Evolution Free Zone.
The group was born with a vision of sustainability that has evolved over time and is now presented in a comprehensive manner through modern environmental, social and governance practices, enhancing market value over more than 20 years of experience.
Supported on the pillars of vision, humanism and ethics, CODE Development Group aspires to be a reference for the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment, as well as for the development of Costa Rica.