• 74% of the workforce holds operational positions
  • 54% of total positions are held by women

March 2024. The 33 companies located in Coyol Free Zone, Costa Rica’s leading exporter in the Life Sciences sector, have become an important source of employment, as well as research and development.

Today, a total of 26,796 people have formal, inclusive and quality jobs in this business park, where companies are mainly engaged in the manufacture of medical devices for human health, including heart valves, surgical instruments, and breast implants, among others.

Of these, 23,796 are direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs, representing an increase of 7.5% over 2022.

An important aspect to highlight is that 54% of the labor force is made up of women of various educational levels and professions, who have managed to enter the market, and grow in their personal and professional spheres.

Carlos Wong, Managing Director of Coyol Free Zone, stated that “the Life Sciences industry has become a fundamental sector for the Costa Rican economy. Through the employment created, thousands of people are given the opportunity to advance in their professional and personal development”.

It should also be noted that 74% of the Park’s employees are in operational positions and 9% in technical positions, including human talent with different levels of schooling. In addition, 17% are professionals and executive positions.

Incentives for employee training and development

Wong explained that the demands of the current labor market have prompted them to encourage the education and training of human talent, in order to have innovative, specialized professionals capable of meeting the challenges of a sector such as Life Sciences.

Thus, the Park has a social projection program “Coyol Te Prepara”, which allows people to train and improve their skills and knowledge in the medical industry through the Manufacturing Operator course, which is offered virtually and free of charge.

Another of the programs developed is “BachiCoyol”, an initiative to support Park employees in starting or completing the third cycle of high school education and the equivalent of a GED by means of virtual classes.

In addition, the Park provides technical assistance through the National Learning Institute (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje – INA) to strengthen the manual and motor skills of active employees.

Coyol Free Zone is also the first free zone to open its doors to Dual Education and support three companies into adopting this academic program.

About Coyol Free Zone

Coyol Free Zone is the leading medical device export park in Costa Rica, with exports of over US$2 billion per year, which is equivalent to 30% of the exports of the manufacturing segment of the Free Zone Regime in the country.
Coyol Free Zone was named the Best Free Zone in the Americas, and Industrial Champions of the Americas by fDI Intelligence in 2023.
It is also the Best Free Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean for the fourth consecutive year, the Most Innovative Free Zone of the Year, and the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine.