Coyol Free Zone is a strategic partner for the companies of the Life Sciences industry and the sector of advanced manufacturing, by offering our clients the convenience of a one-stop-shop provider in Costa Rica that will support the success of their processes as well as the future growth of their businesses.

Despite the challenges, it was possible to keep the construction projects suceesfully moving forward this past year. This was achieved thanks to our experienced Engineering department, and we developed a series of new buildings and expansions in the park.

This is the case of our most recent client, Teradyne, a company leader in the supply of automation equipment for test and industrial applications. Teradyne has chosen to invest more than $20 million and expand their operation in the country with a new facility in Coyol Free Zone.

The 11,000-square meter building will allow a 75% growth in job possitions, in addition to the 384 employees currently working for the company. This increase will be mainly reflected in the areas of information technology, development of artificial intelligence algorithms, hardware and software engineering, development of manufacturing processes applied to the introduction of new products, repair, and customer service, among others. Representing an increase in job opportunities in the country.

Teradyne established a service center in Costa Rica in 2000 and has been steadily increasing the number of employees and their activities for nearly 20 years. Today the company has chosen to continue its operations in Costa Rica, because of its talent and capable workforce.

“Teradyne is a corporation with a worldwide presence, which traditional approach is renting real estate for its operations. Thanks to the amazing results capitalized during its existence in the country and the vision of growth, the corporation made the decision to invest in the purchase of the building in Zona Franca Coyol. This is a sign of stability, a desire to continue expanding, and to create great employment opportunities in our territory,” concluded Esquivel.

Being the access to an ample human talent pool one of the factors, Teradyne decided to choose Coyol Free Zone as the location where they want to grow and innovate as a company. At the park, they found the ideal business conditions and high-quality infrastructure for their operation, as well as the best project administration system for the construction of their new facility. These qualifications made Teradyne’s decision to select Coyol Free Zone easier, as we guarantee the optimal use of resources to deliver our customers the highest quality product that meets their specifications.

“The accompaniment that Coyol Free Zone gave us was exceptional; it helped us a lot with the transition. We were lucky to meet excellent engineers inside the park. The advice they gave was impressive; you can see the talent, you can see the experience they have”, affirmed Esquivel.

For Coyol Free Zone has been essential to support the growth of Teradyne with the development of a new and efficient building for their operations. And being choose by a Global company as Teradyne, reinforce the park’s leadership as the Best Free Zone in the region.