• In addition, it creates nearly 5,600 indirect jobs

  • 54% of the direct jobs are held by women

May 2022. The evolution and successful growth of the thirty-one life sciences companies located in the Coyol Free Zone has generated a total of 24,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities for men and women of various ages, in areas related to production, manufacturing, and added services for medical devices.

This represents 18,400 direct jobs, 80% of which are in operational or technical positions and 20% in administrative positions, with professionals in the areas of finance, human resources, technology, logistics, engineering, management and directorship. We may add to such direct jobs about 5,600 indirect jobs generated by services in transportation, food, cafeteria, cleaning, security, construction, as well as professionals subcontracted by the companies for design and topography, among other tasks.

“Coyol Free Zone empowers human talent through an environment that fosters the professional growth of individuals, with constant opportunities for education and training. As a Park, we are strict in complying with the principles of equality and inclusion, as well as with industry standards, social security, and our obligations as an employer. This allows our employees, and even other free zones around the world, to perceive our work model as an aspirational one that highlights Costa Rica at an international level”, said Carlos Wong, Managing Director of Coyol Free Zone.

The direct jobs created at Coyol Free Zone predominantly benefit women, who account for 54% of employment. In addition, 72% of the Park’s employment provides job opportunities for people between the ages of 18-35, which favors greater social and labor inclusion.

The “Coyol Te Prepara” (Coyol Prepares You) Social Responsibility Program

Coyol Free Zone develops the “Coyol Te Prepara” Social Responsibility Program, which hosts different educational projects to promote the necessary skills to work in the medical device industry or in STEM-related careers. The Park’s work also leverages strategic alliances with the National Learning Institute, the Ministry of Public Education, and local governments, to promote education and the recruitment of skilled talent.

Coyol Free Zone was named Best Free Zone in the Americas, Best Free Zone for SMEs, as well as Free Zone of Excellence for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Practices, according to the renowned international magazine fDi Intelligence. In addition, The European designated it as the Best Free Trade Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean, and awarded it as the Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year and the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing.