In its most recent edition, the business magazine Summa, featured Coyol Free Zone in its special “Leading Companies of Central America and the Dominican Republic 2021“. The rankings spotlighted Coyol Free Zone as one of the leading companies in the region and placed it at the forefront of this century’s leadership.

Through a rigorous study of businessmen and C-suite executives, Summa magazine was able to identify the top 25 companies in the region and ranked Coyol Free Zone in the areas of Learning Agility, Innovation, Solidarity Culture, and Digital Transformation – essential pillars that every company must implement to be a benchmark in the current world market.

For this magazine, it was essential to pinpoint those leading, versatile, and supportive companies that have been innovative, creative, open to change and willing to learn new skills as well as stand out for their efforts in issues such as adaptability and learning, innovation, social responsibility, and digital transformation.

Coyol Free Zone is undoubtedly a company that stands out for its search for ways to learn and innovate, meaning that we are constantly implementing changes and seeking continuous improvement.

Despite the challenges faced, the successes achieved in the last year are the reason why we stand out as leaders, implementing avant-garde, comprehensive actions all in accordance with the demands of the current market. For this reason, we currently have more than 30 manufacturing and global export companies; we generate a record figure of 16,500 direct jobs; we have 34% of the country’s total manufacturing exports under the Free Trade Zone regime; we have given 13% of the park to the conservation and planting of trees, and we have also developed educational programs such as Academia Coyol to provide free remote digital training.

These accomplishments highlight Coyol Free Zone’s important management and contribution to Costa Rica and the reason why we are being ranked in prestigious publications that continue to recognize us as leaders in the region.