Donation will promote health security for 1,700 people

November. The medical, nursing and administrative staff of the San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela are now able to rest and take their meals more safely with the support of fifty screens, which have made it possible to expand and improve the capacity of the dining room of this medical center.

After the arrival of COVID-19, the hospital was forced to reduce drastically the space utilization capacity due to the close proximity of people, resulting in the medical center lacking the optimal conditions of space for eating lunch or dinner.

The donation of 51 screens by Coyol Free Zone now allows them to eat while respecting sanitary safety measures to avoid COVID-19 infection as well as to have a brief moment of relaxation in their free time.

“We are very pleased to support the San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela and all its staff, from the maintenance area, nutrition, surveillance, and administrative area to the entire medical team, that has remained at the forefront, to care for thousands of patients who have faced COVID-19. We are pleased to have contributed with these acrylic screens, which will provide security during their eating times,” said Carlos Wong, General Manager of Coyol Free Zone.

The main dining room of the San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela is now a benefit for the 1,700 health healthcare employees of the medical center.

Hellen Garita, Head of the Nutrition Service of the San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela said “thanks to this donation, we have a physical protection barrier which is very important. In addition, the space in the dining room has been doubled, which is now sufficient for all the staff members who use the space”.

The donation for the acquisition and installation of the screens amounts to approximately $3,000.