Our Engineering Team has been doubling the area for the manufacturing of medical devices. Our client, a Life Sciences manufacturer in eye care, started operations in 2013 and decided to go into Phase II and expand the manufacturing area to a total of 99,000 square feet. The project began in June 2019 with an ambitious goal to be ready to start the installation of the production lines by July 2020.

This challenge pushed us to develop new strategies to process permits and to design with an efficient construction sequence so as to reach the deadline and quality standards. To this end, the project was subdivided into modules that allowed progress to be made in earlier components while designing the subsequent elements. This allowed for the construction to be modular, and therefore, keep both times and costs within projected estimates.

This strategy, together with the modular construction of the structure, saw us install 800 tons of steel in 7 weeks and complete the shell in a period of 9 months, including the permission process, design, and construction phases. In addition, the entire project was carried out in compliance with FM Global guidelines and LEED certification standards.

Take a look at the construction process for Life Sciences company in the video below:


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