More than 50 young people will improve their professional profile to gain access to Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing companies.

September. An alliance signed by Coyol Free Zone and the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (CCCN) will allow to raise the English level of the students of the Professional Technical Schools (CTP) of San Rafael de Poás and San Rafael de Alajuela, through virtual classes that will last until October 2022.

In this way, in addition to obtaining a diploma that certifies their learning and reinforces their educational profile, they will have better English language skills that will strengthen their potential and technical knowledge, and at the same time, will allow them to have greater opportunities to enter companies in sectors such as Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing.

“This initiative is part of our Social Responsibility program called ‘Coyol Te Prepara’, which is an umbrella that houses different teaching or training projects to encourage the interest of children and young people in the skills needed to work in the medical device industry, or in STEM-related careers,” said Carlos Wong, General Manager of Coyol Free Zone.

The program, which will begin with 59 students, is being developed at the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (CCCN), a leading entity in the teaching of English in Costa Rica. The CCCN established first the current English levels of the young people, with the objective of assigning them to groups that allow for comprehensive learning, with internationally certified teachers.

“On behalf of the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center, we would like to thank Coyol Free Zone for investing in the education of a talented group of young Alajuelenses and thus continuing to strengthen the economic development of our country. This alliance gives meaning to our mission and we hope it is the beginning of an additional branching of projects for the benefit of young Costa Ricans,” said Guillermo Madriz, Executive Director of the CCCN.

As part of the alliance, Coyol Free Zone, together with the Cultural Center, was in charge of providing scholarships to the 59 students, who are just starting their classes, and following up with them in the training process, aiming to place the students in the companies of the Park, for the development of internships during 2022.

In addition, it will be in charge of finding spaces within the companies for the young people to develop their professional internships, once they complete their training period. The CCCN donated two digital classrooms with smart boards and other technological equipment to the two technical schools, thus equipping their English classrooms and having a greater impact that will benefit the entire student population.

The technical areas of specialization of the young people to be trained are: Production and Quality, Accounting, Industrial Electronics and Administration, Logistics and Distribution.

At the end of the English program, the students will take the TOEIC international test in order to certify their exit level.

About Coyol Free Zone
Coyol Free Zone is the leading medical device export park in Costa Rica, exporting more than US$2 billion per year, equivalent to 58% of exports in the manufacturing segment of the country’s Free Zone Regime. It was selected as the Best Free Trade Zone in Latin America, Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year and Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine. It is ranked #7 in the Top 10 Free Zones in the world according to the international investment agency fDi Intelligence, and is listed as one of the Top Free Zones 2020 according to Site Selection Magazine.