Coyol Free Zone provides a sustainable export flow that boosts Costa Rica’s productivity and economy

Costa Rica continues to position itself as a regional leader in medical device exports, with sales abroad growing and more companies setting up in its Free Trade Zones.

Its unique combination of skilled human talent, quality infrastructure, and an investment-friendly environment is driving record figures for exports.

Costa Rica has over 90 active medical device companies generating 55,000 direct quality jobs.

Shipments in this sector witnessed an impressive growth rate of 28% in the year 2023, exceeding the milestone of US$7.6 billion.

For instance, Medical Devices only accounted for 5% of exports in 2000, but the number rose to 42% last year.

According to Trade Map data for 2022, the Costa Rican contribution to the medical device industry represents 2.2% of global exports.

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Export destinations for Medical Devices

Most of Costa Rica’s medical device exports go to the United States, but there is a growing number of new destinations.

Exports of Medical Devices in 2023 Total
North America 48%
Europe 20%
Central America 19%
Asia 6%
South America 2%
The Caribbean 3%

Source: Procomer

The talent pool of the country is being strengthened by the rapid growth in production and export of devices with advanced technology, which is reshaping the skill sets of its workforce.

Coyol Free Zone’s contribution to Medical Device exports

Our Park’s smart manufacturing leadership in medical devices manufacturing, convenient location, and attractive benefits, make it an ideal hub for companies seeking international market expansion.

Seven of the companies located in Coyol Free Zone have become globally recognized as leaders in the medical device manufacturing sector, according to the 2023 Top 30 Global Medical Device Companies by MPO.

The companies based in our Park also account for more than 50% of Medical Device exports in Costa Rica under the manufacturing segment.

“Coyol Free Zone provides a sustainable export flow that boosts Costa Rica’s productivity and economy,” explains Carlos Wong, Managing Director of Coyol Free Zone.

In addition to contributing to the national economy, Coyol Free Zone has created an ecosystem that allows for direct export of Medical Devices from Costa Rica. This fosters competitiveness and improves the ease of doing business.

We have also facilitated educative alliances that provide training for people interested in working in the Life Sciences industry and its related sectors.