• More than one million medical devices for women’s health are exported annually

November. The high added-value that Costa Rica generates for the Life Sciences industry translates into health for thousands of women around the world.

Hologic Costa Rica, a company that employs more than 700 employees in the Coyol Free Zone in Alajuela, specializes in the development of gynecological and breast products to promote female health.

Annually, the company exports 440,000 medical devices for gynecological health and 626,200 medical devices for the treatment of breast cancer.

Among the products exported from Costa Rican soil are Novasure® that stands out for stopping abnormal uterine bleeding and Myosure® that eliminates fibroids and polyps in women with uterine bleeding.

“The human talent and the first-rate commitment that Costa Rica offers to companies in the Life Sciences sector is indisputable, and this allows us to position ourselves as one of the main countries in advanced manufacturing and an attractive location for prospective companies with new job opportunities,” said Carlos Wong, Director of Coyol Free Zone.

For breast health, Hologic develops Mammosite®, an internal radiation system for the treatment of breast cancer that consists of a small balloon catheter that is placed in the cavity where the malignant tumor was removed. It enables the radiation source to be placed as close as possible to the cancer cells so as not to affect nearby organs.

In addition, the company manufactures, among other products, the EVIVA® device, a minimally invasive breast biopsy system, and Celero®, a device for carrying out deep biopsies that allow larger cuts, thus avoiding discomfort to the patient.

These products are exported from Costa Rica to destinations that include the United States, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, from where they are distributed to the rest of the world.