• Flexibility and a robust free zone transportation system keep operations going during the pandemic

November. The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the strategic position that Costa Rica holds as a country where companies in the Life Sciences sector can enjoy business continuity despite unprecedented situations.

In a recent event hosted by Inversión Inmobiliaria Magazine called LifeSciences: Insights / Real Estate, experts and professionals from different branches discussed the challenges posed by the pandemic to business operations and the safety of employees.

Thankfully, Costa Rica offers a privileged position for companies that relocate their operations and holds a place alongside strategic countries for nearshoring such as strong competitors like India and China. Among the factors that make Costa Rica an attractive country for the relocation of operations, are its trained and committed human talent, its legal security, that has historically characterized the country, and its work on sustainability.

“Coyol Free Zone is focused on adapting the physical space for the new normality and has proven to have the adaptability and flexibility for teleworking, as well as a solid transportation system that allows 16,000 employees to continue working safely,” said Mr. Carlos Wong, Director of Coyol Free Zone at the recent event.

Mr. Wong highlighted that Coyol Free Zone offers a wide ecosystem of suppliers and contractors for Life Sciences companies within the park with services such as packaging, manufacturing, logistics, and export.  These services reduce costs and maximize the time and resources of companies in a complex global situation. In addition, he pointed out the importance of the country’s proximity to the United States and key markets such as Europe and Brazil, major competitors in the area.

The panel of experts was made up of Mr. Wong along with Álvaro Goicoechea, Manager of Investment Advisory of the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives; Margaret Rose, Regional Director of Conway Data, INC. and Luis Torres Acosta, Director of Operations for JLL Latin America. They highlighted that companies in the medical sector face the challenge of adapting to the new COVID standards and enhancing connectivity options in the region.

In view of the immediate reality, Coyol Free Zone has also adapted its recruitment programs to virtual platforms, allowing it to maintain healthy and safe environments for its potential candidates and to continue to support the recruitment and selection processes of companies in the park, in turn promoting the creation of jobs in the country.