At Coyol Free Zone, we offer a comprehensive suite of complementary services that allow companies to focus on what they do best, while easing access to everything they need to operate.

This has allowed our Park to become an industrial hub, highly specialized in the Life Sciences. Our service offering for the Life Sciences cluster is one of the reasons why publications such as fDi Intelligence and The European have recognized us as one of the leading Free Zones in the World and the best in our region.

What complementary benefits does Coyol Free Zone offer?

On-Site Sterilization: the presence of on-site sterilization services and logistics services allows us to provide the companies of our Industrial Park with the opportunity to export medical devices directly from Costa Rica to various destinations worldwide. This is translated into significant savings in production, time, transportation, and warehousing.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility: 9 companies in our park operate in LEED-certified buildings, and we promote the use of renewable energy sources among our clients. Many of the firms established in our Industrial Park have been awarded the National Ecological Blue Flag, such as:

  • Nevro
  • Hologic
  • Microvention-Terumo

Innovative transportation system: employees working in Coyol Free Zone benefit from an innovative system that provides a safe and reliable way to make it to their workplaces. Commuting to Coyol Free Zone is easy, fast, and accessible, thanks to RIDE Coyol, a service aimed at providing a modern transportation network with digital payment and routes connecting major population centers and the Park’s companies.

Focus on human talent: through specialized recruitment processes, e-learning platforms, and tailor-made training according to the demands of multinational companies, we boost the offer of high-quality human talent available for the Life Sciences industry.

Multiple nationwide alliances: we have alliances with more than a dozen local governments and multiple superior education institutions, thus promoting collaborative work to improve the living conditions of our surrounding communities.

Training and education opportunities: people can find in our Industrial Park multiple courses and training related to smart manufacturing, high-tech processes, and logistics for the Life Sciences industry. Furthermore, they have access to affordable English lessons through our alliances, and thanks to our program BachiCoyol, anyone can aspire to finish their High School Education if needed.

Convenience services: Centro Coyol is a convenience service center that provides food, medical, and laboratory services for all the companies installed in the Park and visitors. This area includes well-fitted rooms for meetings, workshops, and training.

Property maintenance: every installed company is provided with maintenance of infrastructure and common areas, as well as access to our wastewater treatment plant and maintenance of sewer, potable water, and stormwater pipes, alongside 24/7 security services all year long.

Read more: Centro Coyol is an innovation and services center located at the main entrance of Coyol Free Zone. It is a convenience center that has restaurant services, medical services, pharmacy, medical laboratory, dental services, physical therapy, psychology, nutrition and parcel services.

Satisfied employees are efficient employees

Studies conducted in recent years have found conclusive links between an employee’s level of satisfaction with their job and their productivity. Those who are happier in their workplace prove to be more efficient in the same number of hours than their peers who aren’t satisfied with their current position.

In Coyol Free Zone, we believe in the importance of investing in the human talent of the companies located in our Industrial Park: through our multiple training and education programs, we incentivize the formation of specialized and capable employees.

Creating an ideal environment for them nourishes their professional aspirations to have a career in our industry. Such synergy boosts the quality and capacity of the country’s Life Sciences cluster, while our companies enjoy satisfied employees, who are happy with the roles they fulfill.