Coyol Free Zone offers a unique work culture focused on innovation and complemented by excellent working conditions, such as a comforting emotional salary, competitive career opportunities, and several training programs.

This allows us to attract and retain the best talent available, as it is recognized by the latest talent ranking of Summa Magazine, where our park features in the #8 spot for companies established in Costa Rica.

According to Summa, workers look for organizations that reflect on their values, view of the world, and offer a caring culture.

Coyol Free Zone invests heavily in their team’s development through academic programs which ensures they are ready to reach the highest standards in their respective fields. However, there is also a strong belief in looking after their wellbeing and work-life balance, as well as creating opportunities for positive social impact.

As Carlos Wong, Managing Director of the Park, mentions: “The well-being of our people is fundamental to us. The conditions we offer in Coyol Free Zone help our team to find a good balance in their lives and chart a career path here through personalized training opportunities”.

The push for growth, excellence and integrity is shared by all employees in the company, who also back the positive work culture that surrounds them.

“What I cherish the most about working here is the stability, confidence, and professional growth the company gives me. Coyol Free Zone is a big school for engineers, and there is no doubt that it has left many valuable teachings for many of us,” commented José Araya, Sr. Project Manager in Coyol Free Zone.


The ranking

Coyol Free Zone is the eighth company with the best talent in Costa Rica,according to Summa. Establishment Labs, one of our clients, also features
in the Top 10.

    1. Intel
    2. FIFCO
    3. Dos Pinos
    4. Aeris
    5. Boston Scientific
    6. Bridgestone
    7. Coca-Cola FEMSA
    8. Coyol Free Zone
    9. Establishment Labs
    10. Evertec


Our clients Establishment Labs (#9), Bayer (#23), and Philips (#28) also appeared in the ranking. All of them are companies driven by modern work cultures that attract the best candidates.

Coyol Free Zone offers a competitive recruiting platform that highlights the many perks of working in a Free Trade Zone, making the Park an aspirational, well-located, and exceptional place to work.

“In my experience Coyol Free Zone is an excellent place to work because it creates employment opportunities that seek well-being for people. It has programs for the personal development of its employees, an optimal working environment, and many benefits that enhance their quality of life,” explains Kimberly Alvarado, Talent Acquisition Executive.

Additionally, Summa notes that manufacturing positions are the most demanded by employers in Costa Rica, thus magnifying the importance of our training programs. At Coyol Free Zone, we equip thousands of people with the necessary skills for working as Manufacturing Operators, not only within the Park but also in any company related to this sector.

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