Coyol Free Zone, the leading park in the export of medical devices in the country, delivered on Monday a donation of 50,000 masks to protect people in vulnerable conditions throughout the country.

The masks were donated as a contribution from the park to the “Put a mask on your heart too” campaign that seeks to provide protection to 500,000 people with limited economic resources in the country and will be channeled through the cantonal committees of the Costa Rican Red Cross.

The masks have a 99% filtration level and were manufactured on Costa Rican soil. They have a laboratory certification that guarantees the surgical level IIR grade (the highest level for its type), all this in accordance with European regulations.

Carlos Wong, Director of Coyol Free Zone, was pleased with the donation of the free zone and highlighted “Our contribution as a park lies in the added value and high technology that we deliver through each medical device that emanates from the country and what better contribution that to bring this aid to the populations most at risk of the COVID19 pandemic ”, he concluded.

Elliot Coen, coordinator of the campaign indicated “With this campaign, we want to call for solidarity and unity in Costa Rica. We know that there are families who struggle to choose whether to buy masks or food and that cannot be. Many people lost their jobs and support themselves on an income less than their basic needs. We seek to unite Costa Rica through donations of masks so that together we can get out of this pandemic with the least amount of infections »

Donated masks are recommended for clinical and surgical use to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID19 virus as a barrier to prevent the emission of respiratory particles when sneezing or coughing.