•  fDi Intelligence awarded the industrial park as the best Free Trade Zone in the Americas for the second consecutive year.

  •  Publication places it in the Top 10 Free Trade Zones worldwide.

  • Coyol Free Zone received three other international awards for its commitment to innovation and the environment.

October. Thanks to the inherent success of Coyol Free Zone as a leader in the Life Sciences sector, the international magazine fDi Magazine ranked the park -for the second consecutive year- as the Best Free Zone in the Americas, as well as 9th in the Top 10 -for the third consecutive year- of Free Zones worldwide.

Free Trade Zones located in the United Arab Emirates, China and Poland stand out in the Top 10, while Coyol Free Zone is the only one in the Americas in this prestigious ranking.

On the other hand, the specialized international publication The European, of the publishing house Thompson Reuters, also places it -for the third consecutive year- as the best Free Zone in Latin America.

In addition to these awards, Coyol Free Zone received three other recognitions from these important publications.

“This series of recognitions are a further guarantee of our commitment to support the successful operation of our clients, who in turn bring health and wellness to the world, through the medical devices and precision equipment they produce in Coyol Free Zone, a park with sustainable practices and a business ecosystem ideal for Life Sciences”, said Mr. Carlos Wong, Managing Director of Coyol Free Zone.

fDi Magazine is part of the international investment agency fDi Intelligence and is aimed at multinational companies and executives with decision-making capacity, and companies interested in expanding their operations or investing in a free trade zone.

This ranking recognized Coyol Free Zone with the Honorable Mention for Environmental Practices, Infrastructure and Logistics of the entire American continent. This is due to the implementation of initiatives such as Ride Coyol, a mobility platform with an electronic bus fare collection system for workers in this Free Trade Zone that coordinates more than 500 daily transportation services to 50 destinations, to promote local linkages and reduce paper waste.

This is in addition to the infrastructure investment of more than US$400 million that Coyol Free Zone offers to companies that have decided to move into this sustainable park with world-class standards.

The European is a publication specialized in guiding professionals in the legal, stock market, accounting, compliance, government and other markets. Its 2022 ranking once again placed Coyol Free Zone in a privileged position, qualifying it as the Most Innovative Free Zone in Latin America.

This is supported by the management systems applied by the park, because almost all the companies operating from Coyol Free Zone have more efficient construction materials to obtain savings in the operation of the building, Solar-E glass that allows light to pass through but does not heat the interior, roof coverings with insulation that reduce the thermal load, and the possibility of collecting and reusing rainwater in the cooling and sanitary systems.

Latin America´s Best Free Zone for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing

The Park was also recognized as the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing in Latin America. This mention echoes the work that Coyol Free Zone has done during its 15 years of existence, placing it as a leader in the sector with total exports of US$2,088 million per year, thanks to the performance of the 31 world-class companies that have believed in the advantages offered by the Free Zone.

In just five years, Coyol Free Zone’s annual foreign sales increased from US$806 million in 2015 to US$2,088 million in 2020.

“These recognitions from The European and fDi Magazine confirm the good practices that we have implemented as a park during these 15 years of operation. In addition, they give us the security to continue offering better quality services to our clients and to the entire population that accesses our complementary post-sales services, such as attraction, recruitment and development of talent, sustainable mobility, and real estate development at the highest level”, concluded Carlos Wong.

The publications base their recognitions and awards on the opinion of distinguished international juries composed of specialists in the free trade zone sector and the real estate industry. The evaluation parameters take into account aspects such as human talent, environmental efforts, and quality of infrastructure.

About Coyol Free Zone

Coyol Free Zone is the leading medical device export park in Costa Rica, exporting more than $2 billion per year, which is equivalent to 30% of the exports of the manufacturing segment of the country’s Free Zone Regime.
For the past three years, it has been part of the Top 10 Free Trade Zones in the World and was named Best Free Trade Zone in the Americas, Free Trade Zone #9 of the Top 10 worldwide and Honorable Mention for Environmental Practices, Infrastructure and Logistics, by fDi Intelligence in 2022.
It is also the Best Free Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year and the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine, as well as the Most Resilient Free Trade Zone in the World by Covid-19 in 2021, according to Investment Monitor.