Coyol Impulsa recognizes the efforts of companies linked to manufacturing processes in the Life Sciences Sector.

November. Innovation, sustainability and the permanent development of products and services for the Life Sciences industry led five Costa Rican companies to be awarded in the First Edition of the Coyol Impulsa Award.

This initiative is led by Coyol Free Zone and is co-sponsored by Lead University, as well as the participation of well-known companies in the free zone, the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) and the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE). The objective of the contest is to award national suppliers that make an impact with their services, inputs or components on the manufacturing operations of companies in the medical industry sector located in the Park.

In the Large Company category (+100 employees), the winning company was Grupo Vargas, while in the Small Company category, the award went to Microbiología y Calidad Industrial.
In addition, honorable mentions were given to Precision & Medical Components, Fortech and Etiquetas Impresas Etiprés, in the categories of Manufacturing, Parts and Components, Special Processes and Support Services, and Packaging, respectively. Together, the five award-winning companies provide employment opportunities for 500 employees.

“We are very pleased to culminate a successful process together with allies and with 33 participating companies, of which 23 exceeded our expectations up to the completion of the process, confirming that it is possible for many productive chains to join the value chain of the Life Sciences cluster to continue generating employment and added value to the country”, said Carlos Wong, General Manager of Coyol Free Zone.

In this regard, Marco Antonio Vargas, Business Manager of Grupo Vargas, said “we have received the Coyol Impulsa award with great enthusiasm and satisfaction, as it commemorates a challenge that we set ourselves as a company a decade ago, to become strategic suppliers of large multinational companies, to become a key part of their supply chain, accompanied by the strategic vision and spirit of innovation that characterizes us.”

“At MCI we received the news of being winners of the Coyol Impulsa award with great happiness and satisfaction. In almost 12 years, we have become a strategic ally of companies in the Life Sciences sector and these companies have become our reason for being, giving their vote of confidence in the high-quality work that the laboratory offers them. This award is a confirmation that we have done well and a challenge to continue innovating and offering our customers support in analysis and consulting for their microbiological quality control processes,” said Luis Miguel Solano, Operations Manager of MCI.

Between September and November, the Evaluation Committee, composed of companies from Coyol Free Zone, Cinde and Procomer, evaluated different factors, such as actions in favor of environmental management, quality, delivery times, customer service and others, which constituted an evaluation grid to designate the winners.

In total, the five companies mentioned above received $14,000 in prizes, as well as a process of assessment of needs and training in ULead for $7,600. In addition, the Free Zone will develop a segment called Directory of Local Suppliers, on its Coyol Free Zone and Gente Coyol websites, where information on the 24 companies that competed, with their respective contacts, can be found.

The next edition of Coyol Impulsa will be held in 2023 to allow local companies to develop their innovation processes and join the success stories that are already providing services to the Life Sciences industry.

Meet the Winning Companies

* The following are the 24 companies that managed to complete the Coyol Impulsa process, 12 of which reached the finals of the first edition of the competition.

For further information on the awards and details of the contest, please visit the following link:

About Coyol Free Zone
Coyol Free Zone is the leading medical device export park in Costa Rica with over $2 billion per year, equivalent to 58% of exports in the manufacturing segment of the country’s Free Zone Regime. It was designated as the Best Free Trade Zone in Latin America, Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year and Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine. It is ranked #7 in the Top 10 Free Zones in the world by the international investment agency fDi Intelligence, and is part of the Top Free Zones 2020 ranking, according to Site Selection Magazine.