Coyol Free Zone (CFZ), the leader in exports of the Life Sciences sector in Costa Rica, announced, during a visit from the President of Costa Rica, that the established companies will generate 1,500 new jobs during the next 6 months.

Candidates sought for these positions are people from diverse backgrounds and profiles; manufacturing operators, precision mechanics, quality technicians, production supervisors, productivity technicians. Also, professionals in Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Electromechanics, Mechatronics, Finance, Human Resources, and Logistics.

CFZ constantly develops strategies that allow the park to be a link between companies and potential candidates, promoting training and recruitment initiatives such as “Intégrate a Coyol” program, which prepares potential candidates from the communities nearby and of which 1,600 students have been graduated.

President Alvarado highlighted these training initiatives carried out by CFZ, which improve the employability of people and link the needs of the companies with the community, generating well-being for more than 14,000 employees who work in the companies established in Coyol Free Zone.

Training Initiatives

Intégrate A Coyol: Through Intégrate a Coyol, the capabilities of people from communities nearby are improved, and the needs of the companies are linked to these communities. A tailormade study plan is generated in conjunction with each company, this allows that once the course is concluded, people will have better skills and a greater possibility of becoming an employee.

BachiCoyol: Employees from the established companies and their families, have now the opportunity to continue their High School studies, and obtain their degree through BachiCoyol. This program operates inside the facilities of the park and through a partnership with educational institutions such as the Ministry of Education.

Technological University of Costa Rica (TEC) has already more than 300 students receiving classes in an on-site campus in CFZ, in programs such as Quality Technician, Production Supervisor, Medical Device Masters, Supply Chain Master, as well as teaching English as a second language, strengthening bilingualism programs in the country.

According to figures from PROCOMER, in 2018 Costa Rica exported $3,247 million in medical devices, of which $1,976 (63%), came from Coyol Free Zone, making the Free Zone, the largest exporter of medical devices in the country.