Coyol Free Zone generated $515 million of added value to the economy of the country (0.9% of the GDP).

According to PROCOMER, the sales of Medical Devices from Coyol Free Zone to other countries around the world, went from $578 million in 2014 to $1,430 million in 2017.

The Medical Devices that are manufactured in Coyol Free Zone, represent the 51% of the national exports in this sector and 28% of the total exports of the Free Zone Regime in Costa Rica.

The $1,420 million of sales to countries outside Costa Rica that Coyol Free Zone reached during 2017, exceeded by almost $500 million its closest competitor, who exported $938 million. This demonstrates the commitment to promote the flow of sustainable exports from Costa Rica.

Coyol Free Zone generates important supply chains and a specialized knowledge that adds $515 million of added value to the economy of Costa Rica, making Coyol Free Zone the most important industrial park in the country.

“Our main challenge is to provide suitable structural and infrastructural conditions to operate in a cluster with an important group of suppliers and contractors, who offer solutions to the companies nearby and inside the park. This allows the companies to export directly from Costa Rica to their different destinations around the world, avoiding stopovers in other countries, thus achieving important economic and resource savings”, says Carlos Wong, General Director of Coyol Free Zone.

Top Companies World-Wide

As part of the exports of Medical Devices in Coyol Free Zone, we can highlight products for cardiovascular treatment, neuro-endovascular, contact lenses, gastric bands, breast implants, medication administration systems, orthopedic and sports medicine.

8 of the 24 companies established in the park are ranked in the Top 30 Medical Device companies in the world, among them: Abbott Vascular, Medtronic, Microvention-Terumo, which also head the list of the major exporters of the park.

Altogether, the 24 companies located in the park produce 0.9% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The accelerated increase in production experienced in Coyol Free Zone has had a positive impact on the employment sector as well. The international business park went from 4,955 employees in 2014 to 10,761 in 2017, 55% of this total were women.

At the end of the year 2017, the international magazine Site Selection categorized Coyol Free Zone on its ranking “Top Free Trade Zones” as one of the Top Free Zones in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 201,8 Coyol Free Zone reached its 11th year since its inauguration, with more than 235,000 square meters of construction. The park is located on 107 hectares of land with 53% of space available for new clients or growth of the already established companies.