Company operates since 2011 in Coyol Free Zone and will hire 1100 new jobs for 2019

Alajuela. The company MicroVention-Terumo announces its expansion in Costa Rica and will double its production capacity in Coyol Free Zone for the third quarter of 2018. The plans of the company require expanding its facilities from 7 thousand square meters to 14 thousand square meters to start operations in December in an additional clean certified room.

Once the clean room certification process has been completed, they will begin with the hiring process of 1100 employees to expand the number of product lines and number of units that the company exports from Costa Rica.

The new facilities will be located in an expansion to the current building in Coyol Free Zone and will house 80% of MicroVention-Terumo‘s production worldwide.

This company exports medical devices such as intraluminal stents, occlusion balloons, platinum coils and flow diverters for the treatment of strokes, aneurysms and neurovascular diseases.

“An important factor in our decision of growth in the country, is the talent and skilled labor of Costa Ricans, who have high knowledge and good manufacturing practices in the production of medical devices and in quality processes. In addition, there are other important aspects: excellent structural conditions in Coyol Free Zone, closeness to the United States, high quality communication systems, and the political stability of the country”, said Marco Bruno, Plant Director.

Carlos Wong, Director of Coyol Free Zone added that “the investment in the park exceeds $400 million, which reflects our commitment to promote sustainable exports from Costa Rica to generate value chains with key suppliers inside that park, which allows companies to reduce operating costs and export directly”.

The company estimates that once the hiring process begins, the expansion phase in Costa Rica will be consolidated within a period of 8 months.

People wishing to join the recruitment process and apply to vacancies can apply in the database used by companies located in Coyol Free Zone.