Hologic Costa Rica is a company with a spotless track record of organizational culture and operational excellence. Recently, many of its innovative programs and initiatives received awards granted by the Manufacturing Leadership Council.

The key elements of the company that led to such recognition are its people-driven philosophy, involvement in circular economy practices, and top-of-the-edge technology applied to processes.

The first initiative to be distinguished, the “Hologic Costa Rica Internship Program”, shows the firm’s commitment to creating a transformative corporate culture. It consists of an internship program for college students in many areas, such as mechatronic engineering, electromechanical engineering, chemical engineering, business administration, IT, and international trade, among others.

The project started in 2009 and seeks to ease the process of entering the Medical Device industry, going through a full year of practice in the company.

Close to 89% of the interns obtain a job in the firm, which speaks highly of the success of the program.

Another corporate strategy praised by the Manufacturing Leadership Awards is the “Expanding Innovation for Sustainability”, underlining the focus on sustainability and circular economy of Hologic Costa Rica.

Innovative methods to save resources and power machinery through renewable energy are pivotal to the sustainability strategy of the company. When you visit the Hologic Costa Rica facilities, you will notice their solar panel-covered roofs, electric vehicle charging stations, and rainwater tanks, making you realize that they are truly committed to environmental protection.

All of these and many other operative actions aim to reduce water consumption to a minimum and to contribute to reducing the company’s carbon emissions between 30% and 40% by 2030.

“We are proud to work towards a more sustainable future and contribute to environmental stewardship,” said Karla Mora, Communications, Events, and Social Responsibility Specialist of Hologic Costa Rica.

Application of Technology for Performance Management in Manufacturing

The company also received the spotlight for its program: “Application of Technology for Performance Management in Manufacturing”.

This initiative is the result of the systemized implementation of technological tools that led to less use of paper, automatization of processes, and master data management.

The winners

The following projects of Hologic Costa Rica were recognized in the Manufacturing Leadership Awards:

  • Hologic Costa Rica Internship Program
  • Expanding Innovation for Sustainability
  • Hologic Costa Rica: Application of Technology for Performance Management in Manufacturing

Receiving these awards from such a prestigious entity sustains Hologic Costa Rica’s positioning as one of the company’s best operations worldwide. A quality standard set by all departments is pivotal to the development of a company involved in a challenging industry.

“The culture built here in Hologic Costa Rica has set the ground to make people grow. We are focused on giving them the tools to excel at their jobs,” explained Marianela Alfaro, Business Excellence Leader of Hologic Costa Rica.

In addition to the company’s outstanding culture and operational expertise, the conditions that Coyol Free Zone offers to Medical Device companies play a key role in moving the industry forward. They can be nurtured from an environment that fosters competitiveness, talent acquisition, and innovation, as well as operate in a specialized cluster that optimizes their operations.

“The fact that we are settled in a Medical Device cluster drives us to create bonds, benchmark our performance, and adopt the best practices from the industry,” added Alfaro.

 About Hologic Costa Rica

Hologic Inc. is a global medical technology innovator focused on improving the health and well-being of women, their families and communities through early detection and treatment. Its advancements include invention of the world’s first commercial 3D mammography system to find breast cancer earlier; leadership in testing for cervical cancer, sexually transmitted infections and respiratory illnesses; and minimally invasive surgical technologies for uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding and pediatric procedures.

The company also champions women through the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, which provides a science-backed data framework for improving women’s well-being.

About the Manufacturing Leadership Council

The Manufacturing Leadership Council is the world’s first member-driven, business leadership network, engaged in helping senior industry executives identify the opportunities created by transformational digital technologies in the operation, organization, and leadership of manufacturing enterprises, as they pursue their journeys to Manufacturing 4.0.

Every year they award high-performing projects and outstanding leaders, who are named winners and finalists for the 2023 Manufacturing Leadership Awards.