Coyol Free Zone is home to prestigious Life Sciences companies that offer quality employment

Thousands of professionals, technicians, and manufacturing operators in this field have the opportunity to establish a career at these companies, enjoying access to advanced technology, training, transfer of knowledge, and a pleasant working environment.

Each of these companies also offers specific benefits tailored to the modern needs of employees, such as work-life balance, accessible transportation, and food subsidies, among others.

Employees also have access to amenities such as gyms, cafeterias, five-a-side soccer fields, and electric vehicle chargers. The specific amenities available may vary between workplaces.

Our Park offers plenty of green space for recreational activities. In fact, a lot of people enjoy running or cycling around Coyol Free Zone during the afternoons.

The companies located in the Coyol Free Zone currently provide quality employment to over 23,000 people, with 1,796 jobs created in 2023.

Additionally, the interaction between companies and local suppliers has resulted in approximately 5,000 indirect jobs.

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Applying for a job in Coyol Free Zone

People interested in applying for a job in one of the companies based in Coyol Free Zone, can access our new employment exchange. This web platform is designed to facilitate the effective meeting of companies offering job opportunities and people seeking quality employment in one of these companies.

People can also apply for internships or professional practices in this platform.

The platform is free, secure and can be accessed from any electronic device, whether it is a phone, computer or tablet. In addition, the information received is 100% confidential.

These are some of its benefits:

  • Tailored to the needs of the Life Sciences and Smart Manufacturing industry.
  • Platform in constant evolution, able to adapt to new requirements and market needs.
  • It comprehensively serves the needs of the industry by offering not only job opportunities but also internships, articles and information of interest.
  • Interested persons also have the possibility of taking the Manufacturing Operator course, which is free and asynchronous, and allows applicants to learn in detail about the Life Sciences industry.

To discover more about the quality job opportunities available, please visit: