The company established manufacturing operations in Costa Rica because it’s one of the top 10 eco-friendly countries in the world

October, 2023. Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection policies and practices has been a significant factor in Nevro Corp to establish its medical device manufacturing operations in our country.

“We chose Costa Rica because, among its other qualities,  it’s one of the top 10 eco-friendly countries in the world, with regulations and governmental support,” explained Yogi Chitre, Nevro Corp’s Manufacturing VP. This decision was also influenced by the country’s highly qualified human talent and its expertise in manufacturing medical devices.

The company operates from a 35,000 square foot facility in Coyol Free Zone in Alajuela,  producing chronic pain treatment devices with state-of-the-art technology.

The company currently employs over 150 employees, 60% of them being women and 40% male. “We foresee sustained growth and further expansion in Costa Rica, presenting even more employment opportunities,”stated Juliana Hernandez, Human Resources Manager.

Nevro is Awarded the Ecologic Blue Flag

Nevro Corp’s dedication to environmentally sustainable operations earned them the Ecologic Blue Flag in the “Against Climate Change” category. Impressively, they were rewarded with Two Stars already in their first year of operation.

“Since establishing our operations in Costa Rica, we’ve committed to operating responsibly, seeking to improve our patients’ quality of life while staying committed to sustainable practices. The Ecologic Blue Flag award affirms our dedication to environmental sustainability and operational growth.” assured Alonso Moya, Site Director.

Nevro Corp is dedicated to ongoing process enhancements to protect and improve the environment.

“We are encouraging our employees to minimize their household environmental footprint, with the hopes of recognition in the Sustainable Homes category”, added Luis Pablo González, EH&S Sesion Leader.

The company’s environmental initiatives include waste management, implementing sustainable procurement policies, responsible power and water management and participating in activities like planting trees and beach clean-ups.

Carlos Wong, General Manager at Coyol Free Zone, emphasized that their commitment as leaders in Costa Rican industrial park development is to provide clients with world-class real estate development and sustainable industrial practices.

Within Coyol Free Zone, companies benefit from facilities that promote the care and wellbeing of their employees. These include eco-efficient gardens designed and built to minimize the impact on the environment and buildings with sustainable construction adhering to the LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This certification evaluates criteria such as energy efficiency, water management, alternative energy, indoor environmental quality, material selection, and waste management.

About Coyol Free Zone

Coyol Free Zone is the leading Medical Device export park in Costa Rica, exporting over US$2 billion per year, which is equivalent to 30% of the exports of the Manufacturing segment of the Free Trade Zone Regime in the country.
For the past four years, it has been part of the Top 10 Free Trade Zones in the World nd was designated as the Best Free Trade Zone in America, in the Top 10 worldwide and Honorable Mention for Environmental Practices, Infrastructure and Logistics, by fDi Intelligence in 2022.
It is also the Best Free Trade Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean for the fourth consecutive year, the Most Innovative Free Trade Zone of the Year and the Best Business Center for Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing, according to The European magazine.