• Projects were also awarded

  • 2022, the year with the most awards obtained

The Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica recognized Philips as a model of operational excellence in the country by awarding it the National Award for Excellence 2022 and recognizing its management in five categories of the Excellence Award competition.

Yesterday, November 17th, Philips received recognition in the categories of Culture, Leadership and Strategy, Human Talent, Processes, and Customers and Markets.

“Cementing the operation on a culture of excellence has been key to continue attracting new business and services, exporting talent, becoming today a multimodal plant with sustained growth in the country, and being a reference and model of Excellence within the corporation. We see excellence not as a goal but as the way we do everything”, commented Mario Barquero, Plant Manager.

Additionally, this year Philips participated in the “Commitment to Excellence” evaluation process, in which four projects were nominated and received recognition of excellence by that organization.


  • Hyperforce Omniwire
  • ATR7A Transfer Project
  • Quality Receiving Inspection Process Optimization
  • Sterilization Process Optimization

Data. Philips has received awards in the Processes category in 2019, Processes and Human Talent in 2020, and both Leadership and Strategic Planning and Processes and Human Talent in 2021. 2022 is the year with the most awards obtained.