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The Importance of Gender Equity in STEM Careers

March 30th, 2024|

Companies in life sciences industry must focus on training and enhancing the skills of women in STEM areas The participation of women in the economy is crucial for sustainable development, poverty reduction, and a more equitable society. STEM fields offer an opportunity to engage women in the economy by adding new perspectives, skills, and knowledge to [...]

Companies in Coyol Free Zone provide 26,796 quality jobs in the Life Sciences Industry

March 22nd, 2024|

74% of the workforce holds operational positions 54% of total positions are held by women March 2024. The 33 companies located in Coyol Free Zone, Costa Rica's leading exporter in the Life Sciences sector, have become an important source of employment, as well as research and development. Today, a total of 26,796 people have formal, inclusive [...]

Free Trade Zones and their promise of female empowerment

March 15th, 2024|

Explore how industrial parks in Costa Rica are empowering women and advancing the life sciences industry, creating a landscape of opportunity and growth Free Trade Zones (FTZ) provide a powerful platform for opportunity and inclusion. Through the companies that operate in this zones, thousands of quality jobs are generated, often in population segments without access to [...]

Coyol Free Zone provides direct employment opportunities to more than 12,850 women

March 11th, 2024|

March 2024. Coyol Free Zone and its robust business ecosystem is an important generator of quality employment and talent development. Currently, 54% of the human talent in this business park is made up of women. With their work and dedication, they contribute to the development and wellbeing of their families, their community and the country. This [...]

Coyol Free Zone supports the academic growth of people working in multinationals

March 8th, 2024|

Discover how Coyol Free Zone is transforming the medical devices manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry, with success stories and cutting-edge educational programs Success stories happen every day at the companies based in Coyol Free Zone, and they are a testament to the growth opportunities available for men and women. Elidiameth Ureña, a production trainer at Abbott, is [...]

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